Solar & Roller Shades

Our Solar Roller Roman shades are designed to complement any decor. Made of durable mesh, natural, or vinyl materials that reduces solar heat gain. 

In addition to hue and pattern, choose the weight and opacity of your roller shades according to how you would like to regulate the light. Contact us to see are many options.

Solar Shades

  • Durable mesh shade reduces solar heat gain to keep interiors cool and lower energy costs
  • Available in 15% and 10% openness levels to block 85%-90%, respectively, of damaging UV rays that can fade furnishings and floor coverings
  • Manage glare while maintaining an outward view
  • A lower openness factor offers greater UV blockage and privacy, while a higher openness factor offers a better view to the outside
  • Color coordinating continuous cord loop

Roller Shades

  • Natural, fabric and vinyl materials available to complement any decor
  • Natural and fabric roller shade materials are light filtering
  • Vinyl roller shades feature blackout fabrics
  • Natural and fabric roller shades include a color coordinated continuous cord loop
  • Cordless control is standard with vinyl roller shades