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Cellular & Pleated Shades

Cellular & Pleated Shades allow you to update the look of your room with sophisticated style, gorgeous colors and unique style options. Our fashion forward line of quality window treatments offers the perfect solution to any decorating need. Cellular & Pleated shades soft, luxurious fabrics create incomparable views. Contact us for a free quote. 



  • Cellular shades are available in four opacity levels for personalized privacy and light control: Sheer, Light Filtering, Room Darkening and Blackout.  They are available in three cell size to accommodate different design and energy efficiency needs.  ⅜” double cell, ⅜” single cell and 3/4″ single cell. 

  • Blackout coverings are particularly beneficial for TV/Movie rooms, night shift sleeping rooms, or any need for room darkening.  

  • Other consideration include: selections as wide as 144″ for even your wides windows.  Multiple shades on one headrail offer another solution to pull it all together.  You can put up to three cellular shades on one headrail.  Raise or lower all shades at once, or adjust the height of the center blind to create a picturesque view.  

  • Control options include standard cords, continuous Loop Lift (a clutch lifts the shade and holds it steady without the cord loop changing length), and cordless control — good for door installation applications.  

  • Shade options include Bottom Up/Top Down, Top Down Only, Sun up/Sun Down  (combine two different colors, styles or opacity levels). Also Tri-Vista (combine your choice of pleated fabric for the top of the shade and cellular fabric for the bottom.  

  • Cellular & Pleated shades can handle Unique Window Solutions include Arches, Angled Shades, Bay or Corner windows.

  • Pleated Shades give many more fabric options for matching the decor of a room or reinventing the room.  There is a vast array of colors, textures and opacity levels. Crisply pleated fabrics create an easy elegance and are designed to stand the test of time. A privacy lines is available to sheer or light filtering Pleated Shades to improve privacy and light control in you home.  

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